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Karen Eastham
MSc, RGN, UKCP Registered Psychotherapist & Supervisor

Karen has a background of over 30 years of experience working as a Lead Clinical Nurse specializing in Critical Care, Palliative care, Orthopaedic Trauma, Stress Management, Mental Health and Complementary Therapy.

Karen has studied and practiced Complementary Therapies within her specialist fields of work since the 1990's.

After studying Therapeutic Touch with Jeannie Sayre- Adams and Steve Wright of the Sacred Space Foundation in 1998 she started developing Therapeutic Touch with both people and animals.
She is recognized by BATT as a teacher of TT for people and animals and really enjoys the experience and positive changes that can occur for the people who come to learn.

Since working independently over the past seven years Karen has worked in both the Private and Public Health care sectors gaining a National Social Healthcare Award in Innovation in Practice.

She now incorporates all the conventional and complementary knowledge and skills that facilitates a holistic approach to caring and supporting people and animals allowing her clients to achieve better physical and psychological health and well-being.

Annie Hallett

Annie's background is in Nursing, Counselling, Complementary Therapies, Education and Healing. She was one of the pioneers of integrated health care in the early 1990's, introducing a Complementary Therapy and Counselling Service, which included Therapeutic Touch, into a busy local Oncology Department. This service continues to thrive and to provide valuable holistic support to patients and their families.
Annie was a committee member of the Royal College of Nursing Complementary Therapies Forum and was involved in the compilation of the Healing section of the National Guidelines for Complementary Therapies in Supportive & Palliative Care. She has lectured on a variety of subjects including bereavement, communication skills and counselling as well as complementary therapies and Healing and has led university modules. She worked for Anglia Cancer Network as Psychological Support Lead and Complementary Therapies Lead for three years where she was responsible for the safe delivery of complementary therapies across five counties.

In addition to some consultancy work, including work for Macmillan Cancer Relief and teaching communication skills, Annie continues to work in Oncology leading the service she developed. She is also a member of the Healing Professions Specific Board of the Complementary Therapies and Natural Healthcare Council.

At the heart of all of Annie's work lies a deep connection with Healing and Therapeutic Touch. She has studied various Healing traditions including Therapeutic Touch (TT) with Dolores Krieger and Jean Sayre Adams and has taught TT and Therapeutic Touch nationally and in the United States.

Knowing what a supportive and at times profound experience Therapeutic Touch can be she is dedicated to its integration into healthcare and well being, through a professional framework and credible education, which still allows for the uniqueness of the Healing process.

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