A Far Reaching Thing

Tales of Healing With Therapeutic Touch. Although its roots are in ancient ideas about healing, Therapeutic Touch is a relatively young practice. Its intention as a therapy is to promote healing and to reduce pain and anxiety. As the author relates her experiences as a Therapeutic Touch practitioner working alongside medical professionals in hospitals and hospices, and delves into much of the history and many of the theories behind its use as a complementary therapy, its benefits as a practice become evident.

Not just an aid in palliative care, Therapeutic Touch can also be helpful in alleviating the pains and worries of everyday life. As a method for discerning a patient's energy fields and non-invasively bringing relief to all kinds of people, Therapeutic Touch can also bring about a sense of well-being and achievement for the practitioner themselves. This collection of experiential evidence is invaluable for anyone looking to practise this art.

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