THERAPEUTIC TOUCH (TT) is a contemporary interpretation of several ancient Healing arts, including the laying on of hands. Originally developed and researched by nurses TT is now practiced globally by those who have a true intent to help others.

THERAPEUTIC TOUCH (TT) does not require physical touching, although sometimes gentle touch can be part of the process. It involves one or more practitioners, using their hands, mainly very near the body, with the conscious intention to facilitate the innate self healing response of the client, sometimes by seeking to bring about a sense of balance to the natural energy flow.

THERAPEUTIC TOUCH (TT) is primarily regarded as a mutual process in which Client and Practitioner share what is sometimes described as a Healing meditation. It is suggested that this can create a gentle healing space within which a sense of wholeness, balance and peace can be experienced.

THERAPEUTIC TOUCH (TT) also teaches us a way of being and relating to ourselves and others and for some is a catalyst to connection with the transpersonal. Although TT has no religious belief or dogma attached to it and places its theoretical framework within the scope of quantum physics, it recognises the sanctity and sense of connection within the holistic nature of being.

When we talk about Healing in this context it is meant to imply a sense of wholeness and not a cure from physical conditions.       

Therapeutic Touch can be particularly helpful to those who are in distress, ill or going through any major life transition.