Therapeutic Touch
Definition of TT
Training in TT

Training in Therapeutic Touch

Introduction Workshops

These days are an introduction to the history, application and theory of Therapeutic Touch and how it is being applied in all other areas of therapeutic work with people and animals.

The 1 & 2 Day introduction workshops are open to anyone who wish to learn.
The experiential workshops offers exercises and practical steps for the participant to become familiar with TT and how they can integrate Therapeutic Touch into everyday practice

Diploma (Practitioner) Available to qualified therapists only

This is currently offered on a individual 1:1 basis

Minimum of 60 hours experiential study and teaching.

Part of this teaching is via e mail/phone mentorship and reflection from feedback from case studies

  • The completion of five case studies, each showing 25 client based hours (e.g. five clients x five sessions)
  • Six months of mentored and supported practice is required . Some of this can be facilitated online as arranged.


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Karen Eastham

Karen Eastham